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    And maxwelo we can do this for all of the thermodynamic potentials we have discussed. Tagged as: For example, we might have a system affected by some magnetic field, in which case, we would have to take that into telationships for internal maxwelll. This is due to the equality of the mixed second order partial derivatives. Notice that these are the natural variables of internal energy. Feedback is always appreciated and will help improve the blog and future articles. There's also a mnemonic that helps with remembering the Maxwell Relations about which I may write a brief post.

    We can find the total differential of enthalpy from this: I hope you found this post informative! Conclusions In this post we derived the four most common Maxwell Relations.

    Dating Deriving maxwell relationships

    But first, a recap! So, we can express the total differentials maaxwell these three variables in terms of the other two, like so: In a future post, we will use these Maxwell Relations to derive relationships between the heat capacities of systems. We use this notation for it:

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