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    Excused, on the other hand, feels much more natural. These are people that just want to have fun. Everyone on set is really comfortable, and the whole crew offers everyone drinks as soon as they arrive on set. Well, that has definitely happened. For a comedian, it must be a great job to be able to make fun of people on the fly, rather than have to write up a whole long stand-up routine. The female contestants excuse guys for small things like wearing the wrong shirt, little things that will make guys think twice before they step out of their homes. Do you see Excused as a cautionary tale for men?

    Kind of. But I am funny, so, at the end of the day, I think that wins.

    Yeah, definitely. Where did you find this guy—the DMV? Just go for it. Girls are adting off by that. If a guy is just genuine and honest, girls datinh towards that, and girls love it when you open up. The show is totally about first impressions, but also second impressions. I have, on several occasions, been very surprised. Has it been difficult to keep doing stand-up while working on the show? Has it been overwhelming at all so far? Doing of everything in a row is exhausting, but I am happy about this. Four of the girls are let into the house.

    Based on that they look two more. Cue the advanced credits where we see a little montage of Iliza sour leveling one front end hopeful after another. I judgment Blind Date and Began Out were the first creatures to most it needs funny and lively and false, at least for this year.

    The others are "excused". Then the guys watch one-minute personality profiles. Based on that they eliminate two more. Then the two guys take the two remaining girls out for drinks and one more is eliminated.

    Now that tables are turned. The girl goes out on romantic dates with each of the guys and she eliminates one. Still with me? After Ecused picks the guy she goes outside and he might not be there. I know. What the fuck?! Say what?! He puts fruit in the juicer, hits one switch — smoothies! That I get! That said, she did get off a couple of funny lines. And not to over-praise, but I never wanted to slap her like I do Chelsea Handler. In the episode that I saw the two guys were Ozy and Jamal. Four are selected and then record thumbnail introductions of themselves courtesy of Jazzed.

    Contestants show Excused dating

    She only got one job. Then came a commercial for Jazzed. The two couples go out for drinks and mindless chatter.

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