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    Haydej is very in tune to the body and my problem areas. She has developed a strong track record of cancelled surgeries, restored range of motion in the extremities, and allowed hundreds to regain control of their pain and start living life again. My skin feels amazing after a facial and her massages are wonderful. I'll never go to anyone else!

    After 3 months I have certain hips and after deciding 2 visits I can use impressive a subsequent measurement again. Mag W.

    When it comes to skin care, Shannon hand picks effective, clinically proven treatments partnering only with top of the line skin care companies that use organic and wild crafted ingredients, don't test on animals, and are environmentally responsible. She uses a wholistic approach to her work, taking in to account the whole person when designing a care regimen for her clients. Barbara B. Testimonials Whether you would like a soothing, relaxing experience or a truly healing, therapeutic massage, Shannon offers a professional spectrum that is amazingly attuned to meet your body's needs.

    After 3 babies I have horrible hips and after just 2 visits I can walk like Escott normal person again. Shannon is currently the only Facialist massate the inland northwest to perform the Yakov Gershkovich Sculptural Face Lifting technique. She is so caring and hauden can tell she is passionate about what she does. With just two appointments I am already seeing improvement. She considers herself a part of the "radical esthetician" and "wholistic esthetician" movement. Having spent years with her own health battles with chronic pain and fatigue due to Crohn's Disease as well as her long time struggle with acne, she is able to empathize with her clients on a deeper level and truly and deeply understands the psyche and complete healing process of overcoming chronic pain and skin issues from start to finish.

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    idzho Using minimal to NO extractions and completely turning her back on conventional esthetics, her philosophy has changed to nurturing the flow of amssage lymphatic system and melting stress patterns in the face, neck, and scalp to restore the natural vibrance of the skin. She is currently completely healed through the power of plants, meditation, prayer and Kauai Island life and lessons. Shannon is skilled, the environment is well done, my massage was fantastic, I'm going back.

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