• Warm up with a sensual massage

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    In some cases, for logistical witj you may experience delays in the shipment of the package or the purchased item can be sold out. Feedback Read carefully! Wit only will this help your spouse unwind and feel senskal. Setting up for your spouse will withh you get excited! Here are a few tips to get you started: Ambiance is the key to success when giving a sensual massage. Even if you are indeed seensual very good at giving a massage or so you like to thinkwifh atmosphere is of the utmost importance. It will create an environment of relaxation and comfort which in turn will help your spouse to feel calm so they will be able to focus in on their more intimate senses…if you know what I mean… Turn your bedroom into an oasis.

    You can really set up shop in any room, but if you have kids and want to ensure privacy I would recommend doing so in your bedroom wink, wink. Make sure that the room is de-cluttered and clean. It really is hard to have romance or relax when there is a disaster everywhere you look. Scatter tea light candles around the room this creates a more flattering light for both of youdecorate with some rose petals, lay down a clean sheet or towels using massage oils can make a mess so be preparedand have some soft, calming music playing in the background I prefer nature sounds or ambient noise…something along those lines. You can also use a blindfold if your spouse has a difficult time blocking out other distractions.

    Draw your spouse a nice warm bath as another good way to start out the night.

    Tip 2. Maassage Ambience Setting the mood is essential as you want your partner to feel completely and utterly sensuual and succumb to your every touch. As this is a sensual massage, always be thinking of their five senses: Is the temperature okay? Is the lighting dimmed enough? What are their favourite smells? Would they prefer ocean sounds or relaxing harp music? Personalise their experience to make them feel at ease and totally adored by you. You can have a selection of oils, teas and music for them to pick from before they lie down. Tip 3.

    Lower Back: Make a fist and rub the bottom of your palm on this area. You can also switch it up by pressing your knuckles softly.

    Sensual Warm a up massage with

    Try both hands or just use one so you can wander their bum and rub it in circular motions. Our feet are packed with tingling sensations that can be War, with the smallest stroke. Brush a finger from toe to heel on each foot and then focus on one foot. Hold the heel with the palm of your hand and stick your fingers between each toe. Finish it off with a good rub on the back of their feet above the heel. Your body is more balanced and relaxed by now, so the timing is perfect.

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