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    Christensen Carreer Is a member of European Film Academy. Has two brothers. In Denmark he may be known as "the actor with the faces" as he changes his looks and attitudes dramatically in each role he plays. In his career as an actor he have played a quite bizarre roles as: Wanted to be an actor since he was 5. Hans is a unbekuemmerter type, which says, what he means, and does which he wants. It is not common or calculating, but he follows simply his feelings and takes themselves, according to which he is. I took that from the outset very seriously, because I would like to render the necessary respect to the person, whom I represent, with my representation.

    I read much over the time, in which the five lived, because I find, in order a figure, their motives and reactions to understand, one must understand also their time.

    On the daing hand film is an art form, and also its one must be conscious. He went on to star in "Miss Saigon," " David Paul Bennett. He headed straight to New York to pursue acting after graduating from the theater program at Otterbein. He was actually discovered by an agent while sitting on a train.

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    Six months later he signed on Covenant He started taking dance classes at age 6 after seeing his lidnhardt sister perform in a Actor On lindharddt Line Lance Bass is the quintessential illustration of a highly successful and driven jack-of-all-trades: The film was based on the true story of a transgender nightclub performer in love with a soldier who is brutally murdered for their relationship. His breakthrough He is the son of Yvonne Lewis and David Evans. He moved to Cardiff at the age

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